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Notizie Telma

The Solutrans Show Edition 2019, was a great opportunity for Telma to reiterate the interest of using an induction brake in urban areas.

Professionals within the road and urban transport sector have been very sensitive to the environmental and economic benefit of Telma induction brakes.

By supporting up to 85% of deceleration operations, brake pad replacements are divided by 8. This directly results in an 85% reduction in fine particles emissions into the atmosphere in urban areas.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for the interest they have shown for our products.

Pubblicato il 02/12/2019

On Busworld show, Iveco exhibited a Daily equipped with the Telma retarder as a factory option and its new generation Hi-Matic gearbox.

This eight-speed automatic gearbox is a first in the commercial vehicles category.

A built-in Telma retarder offers more safety, comfort and serenity for driver and passengers.

Chose Telma also preserves the environment by eliminating significantly the emission of fine particles and savings, miles after miles.

Pubblicato il 25/10/2019
Telma sarà presente al Busworld 2019 a Bruxelles, che si svolgerà dal 18 al 23 ottobre 2019 in Belgio.
Pubblicato il 18/01/2019
Telma sarà presente a Solutrans 2019, che si svolgerà dal 19 al 23 novembre 2019, a Lyon, in Francia.
Pubblicato il 18/01/2019
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