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Testing Laboratory
Tests on Engine Test Benches

Testing Laboratory

Tests on Engine Test Benches

Today, the manufacturing quality of a system is based on continuous reliability and performance over time, in all conditions of use (rotation, friction, resistance, temperature variation, etc.).

Telma Laboratory Engine Test Benches are designed to run any rotation device up to 3000 rpm (possibly 6000 rpm under specific conditions) and offer the possibility to program any type of cycling.
The Laboratory is equipped with electric power supply (direct current up to 30 kW) to supply power to the system during rotation, if necessary.
The engine power (860 kW maximum) provides significant holding torque to any braking system. Featuring speed variation with flux vector control, drive speed only varies by a few rounds per minute under a braking torque of 3500 Nm.
However, if drag loss due to your systems' rotation is a crucial factor, we have a specific 200 kW bench designed to measure low torques (up to 500 Nm).

The Testing Laboratory uses a programmable fluid station coupled to a 600 kW cooling tower for any ethylene glycol circulating cooling operation.

Test specifications

  • Ventilated, 250 kW to 860 kW benches
  • Rotation speed 0 to 3000 rpm
  • Maximum holding torque = 4000 Nm
  • Programmable, customized cycling
  • Any type of measurement during testing (temperature, pressure, current, etc.)
  • Temperature measurement on rotating part
  • Manual or automatic steering
  • Cooling option using ethylene glycol circulation and cooling tower (500 kW)
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