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Telma featured in “Les routiers” issue

Telma featured in “Les routiers” issue

The 2016 edition of Pollutec brought to light an evolution of trends: the electric vehicle is no longer the “in” thing because it is considered "20 to 30% more polluting than a diesel Euro 6".

For some years, gas has seen an undeniable increase in interest in terms of reducing pollutant emissions from engines. A gas vehicle equipped with a Telma induction brake comes close to zero fine particles by reducing by 85% the emissions due to wear of brake pads and discs.

Totally convinced by this association and wanting to share it with all the visitors of the 2016 Pollutec show, Telma, together with its partner Iveco, exhibited on its booth an Eurocargo truck chassis (Truck of the Year 2016) equipped with an induction brake Telma (photo taken on the Telma booth at Pollutec 2016).

Pubblicato il 30-11-2016
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