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Telma featured in the "Bus&Coach Buyer" issue of...

Telma featured in the "Bus&Coach Buyer" issue of February 2016

In its February issue, the magazine Bus&Coach Buyer devotes an article to the new Turas 700 minicoach model designed by the bodybuilder Noone.
This minicoach is built on a Iveco New Daily chassis, which offers the advantage of being equipped at the factory of the Plug & Play Solution proposed by Telma : the LVRS600 retarder.
After a test with this vehicle, the reporter recalled the importance of equipping vehicles with a Telma retarder, because it can significantly limit the use of the service brakes, preventing the emission of fine particles due to braking, into the environment.
A built-in Telma retarder enables the end-user to take advantage of its many benefits: the itineraries are made safely, giving an undeniable user comfort for a journey with serenity.

Pubblicato il 12-02-2016
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